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1108 establishments use Edgar every day (QR-code free for life)

Bar / Restaurant

Smart translation on menus, more 5★ reviews, digital tipping, giveaways… Everything you need for your bar or restaurant.

Hotel / Airbnb

Practical information, services, nearby activities but also more 5★ reviews gathered in your hotel’s digital welcome booklet !

Golf course

Yardbook, scorecard, tee time booking, competition registration and results, weather… Everything golfers need !


Comply with the new 2023 EU wine label requirements thanks to our QR code, while introducing your domain and your online boutique to consumers.

Business seminar

Detailed schedule, practical information, documents… Make the organization of your business seminars easier for employees

Business card

V Card, LinkedIn profile, skills and everything you want to add to present yourself, gathered in a single QR code.